Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Put Up Your Dukes

Put Up Your Dukes

Come on, let’s see ‘em. I want to fight that science-worshiper, and show him (or her) what he is missing! But it seems more the argument of the Christian is not lost by point and counterpoint. No, it is lost when no one sees the point. The point of having the discussion in the first place. The unbeliever for her part is brought up, in church or out, with an underlying current of philosophy that considers God as irrelevant as the Tooth Fairy. A myth, a story, one of many, maybe some truth to it, maybe not, not really important enough to bother with. The Christian for her part shyly flits about this world, trying not to make too many ripples. Earbuds in the ears—Christian music mind you—but quiet so as not to disturb the peaceful underlying philosophy, which she shares with the unbeliever. That which says God is irrelevant. Oh sure, the Christian would say God is relevant to him. He is well-trained to speak of his experiences with God. But if a problem arises, does go to God to solve it? No, he goes to science. He goes to the local expert. He goes to the Internet. Not once pausing to thank his “Lord” for these tools.

But the Christian is angry at the scientist for stating that there is no God. Well, Christian, what of it? Your actions, your appearance, your language, your daily life, all hide God. You work hard to do so actually. So if the scientist says God is missing, have you blocked his view?

But, back to the scientist: science-worshiper or not. Let go of the microscope and the scale for a moment, and see what you are actually measuring. Step back and let it sink in. Fantastic, isn’t it? It is worth taking some time to contemplate, for there is evidence of something more. Something immeasurable. Are you ready for the fight?

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