Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Wrath of God

If we don't feel the need for atonement, it's probably because we assume God has the same nonchalant attitude toward evil that we do. But he doesn't. God has a total, unremitting hatred for sin and injustice. His response to sin is extreme righteous anger.  The Bible calls this God's wrath. Some people are repulsed by the idea of God being a God of wrath. But if you think about it, a God who doesn't hate evil is terrifying.  True goodness hates evil. True righteousness and justice must stand in opposition to injustice and unrighteousness. God's wrath, writes John Stott, "is in fact his holy reaction to evil."
                                                                             -Joshua Harris, Dug Down Deep

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Anonymous said...

Interesting food for thought. Not only is does post help one understand the reason and need for God's wrath, but it also makes one reconsider their own reaction towards evil.