Sunday, October 2, 2011

Targeted Killing Americans


Assassinated by robot plane.  A US citizen never even charged much less convicted of any crime, was traveling in a car.

Do so few see the problem here?  Let me list some of the ideas and principles that it seems to me that many if not most Americans would value, that are obviously at risk here:

Right to life
Due Process
Respect of person
Free speech
Ethical principles
Checks and balance in government
Right to a fair trial
Freedom of religion
American citizenship
Proper use of taxpayers’ money
Proper use of technology
Public access to information
Rights of the individual
Free association of persons
No guilt by association
Separation of church and state
Honoring International borders
Honoring International treaties
Respecting minorities
Protecting at risk minorities, individuals, and groups
Protecting citizens abroad

Of course I would not defend this man’s opinions or his actions in any way.  My concern is here for our country.  Many a state where the rule of law was lost and its citizens thereby subject to tyranny began down the path with some reason and foundation.  There a line was crossed and a pathway chosen.  God help us if that has happened to us.

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