Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Story

We tell the story. The resurrection is not original, there was the Phoenix and reincarnation. The resurrection is not always sought, there is right-to-die and Kevorkian. The sadness is not unique, all have or will have loss and grief. The glory is not the brightest, the sun worshipers could tell you that. And as for advanced, we have the defibrillator and dialysis nowadays. The resurrection actually on its own cannot suffice, except as a temporary relief to the sadness. It takes flowered parades and Passion Plays to spruce it up and give it excitement. Its familiarity perhaps weighs on us. For we tell the story over and over. We perhaps cheapen the story, by dumping it out there as an option: take a day, no take an hour, catch this part. But it cannot be taken in parts, this story. This story that is truth's truth. Hearing it is only a step. This story is, besides a revelation, a door to a new world. To see and even know the number on the door is not the same as walking through it.

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