Monday, May 11, 2015


 Carpentry Stainless Metal 15cm 6" Dual Scale Straight Ruler Measurement Tool

To say that God is infinite is to say that he is measureless.  Measurement is the way created things have of accounting for themselves. It describes limitations, imperfections, and cannot apply to God. Weight describes the gravitational pull of the earth upon material bodies; distance describes intervals between bodies in space; length means extension in space, and there are other familiar measurements such as those for liquid, energy, sound, light, and numbers for pluralities. We also try to measure abstract qualities, and speak of great or little faith, high or low intelligence, large or meager talents.

Is it not plain that all this does not and cannot apply to God? It is the way we see the works of his hands, but not the way we see him. He is above all this, outside of it, beyond it. Our concepts of measurement embrace mountains and men, atoms and stars, gravity, energy, numbers, speed, but never God. We cannot speak of measure or amount or size or weight and at the same time be speaking of God, for these tell of degrees and there are no degrees in God. All that he is he is without growth or addition or development. Nothing in God is less or more, or large or small. He is what he is in himself, without qualifying thought or word. He is simply God.

                                                                                  -A W Tozer, The Knowledge of the Holy

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