Spiritual Review of Systems

The Spiritual Review of Systems

The most important dimension of your life is your relationship to others. The quality of your relationships can affect your physical and emotional health. The following questions may help you assess the quality of those relationships.  Set aside some time to reflect upon the questions. Write down your thoughts and feelings in response to the questions. Consider which spiritual issues may be contributing to your problems and which virtues need your attention. The goal of this process is to help make you well – a whole person at peace with God, others and yourself.
1. What personal problems are you experiencing in your life?
2. Are there any wrongs you need to make right with someone? Do you need to seek forgiveness from anyone?
3. Do you have any ongoing resentment, anger or bitterness towards someone? Is there anyone you need to forgive?
4. Do you feel alone or isolated? Is there anyone you can share honestly with in your life?
5. Has someone important told you that your behavior in some way is seriously wrong?
6. What are your greatest fears? How is fear controlling you?  Are there any secrets you fear being exposed?
7. Are there any activities or addictions in your life controlling you? Examples might include alcohol, gambling, drugs, pornography or over-eating.
8. Do you feel you have your priorities straight? What’s most important to you?
9. What do you sense is your purpose in life?  Are you being true to that purpose?
10. How would you describe your relationship with God?

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