Monday, November 2, 2009


God, speak to me

I speak

No, I want loud, I want audible, I want thunder.

You want crazy.

Not crazy, just you speaking to me, showing me the way.

The way I already showed you.

What you mean is, I spend more of my time off of the path than on it, I know that. Maybe if you would speak to me, that would help.

Would it?

Please just speak to me.

I speak

If you speak, I will hear, I will know. Others will hear, others will know.

What does your doctor say?

My doctor? I am a doctor. Oh, what would the doctor say if I told him I heard audible voices of God? He would say I was crazy.

Would do you say?

I would say I was crazy, too. My ingrained teaching, my habit, my work, my references, all say that. I see, they are built on a foundation that rejects the entire concept of God interacting with people. The materialistic foundation that rejects all that cannot be explained by cause and effect in a scientific experimental model. Really, the foundation of all of my training and education is a rejection of God.

I should rather be asking the question: how is it that you can communicate with me at all?

I am God.

Yes, but how is it that you can reach someone with a foundation, an education, a language, which rejects you?

I am God.

I see you using others. Others who know you, who share my language, my culture, my foundation. They speak of you as if you are real, as real as dinner, as rocks, as light. They trust in you as a real person, more than just a concept. But they start with a concept sometimes to get there. A concept like e=mc2, which I don’t understand, but I know is true. Concepts resonate with me, with my foundation. I take e=mc2 on faith, and I can be unhindered in faith with that realization.

I see you using other cultures and places. I see in rural Africa, people believe and hear and see, things that I would say are crazy. To me, they are unscientific, they are unenlightened. And I have things to share with them, ways to free them from superstition. But they have things to share with me, ways to free me from a hobbling walk, to enable me to fly a flight of faith.

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