Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stories and Theories

"We have educated ourselves into imbecility" -Malcolm Muggeridge

And so it comes down to a story. A story of a people, called by God, to be his representatives in the world. A story of dreams, burning bushes, plagues. A story of family dysfunctions, marriages, births, deaths. And a story of God deciding, revealing, instructing, judging. For a theory and a discussion is just that. To reach us, and to reach God, and to put us together, that takes real events with real people and a real god.

It is the insane who live in theories, ignoring the realities of the world they live in, ignoring the realities of themselves and of God. Thinking they are God, they create in their minds a world of make-believe around them to shore up their beliefs.

Darwin and Sagan, they have wonderful facts and discoveries to show. But when Dawkins jumps the chasm to the story part, he does a horrible job. He grows his theories up outside of where they are meant to be. Like a cancer, they run amok in the minds of those who are not shrewd enough to see, toppling reason itself in the very pursuit of it.

One must decide. Not between theory and story. But whether one will read the story and thereby have a world for the theory. Or whether one will try to use the theory for a story and lose both.

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