Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Jesus and the Church
In a climate of religious pluralism and syncretism it is incumbent on the church to emphasize the uniqueness and finality of Jesus Christ. He is not one truth among many, but the truth—about God, the world and ourselves. Yet this truth is not our property to be handed over to those who seek it, but it is the speech of the living God that can be heard and received only through the power of God’s Spirit. The apostolic mission of the church is to proclaim the gospel to the whole creation, but we must always bear in mind that our words are only approximations of his Word, that we can point to the truth but cannot dispense the truth. For people really to hear the gospel, God himself must speak, and he does this with our words and through our words, sometimes over and against our words.

                                                                          -Donald Bloesch, The Church

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