Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A discussion

Job was angry at god's immoral or amoral and capricious actions against him and others. His arguments were never answered in the sense that many of us are asking for I think. All the "Christian" arguments in Job (doctrinally sound, defense of God) come from Job's friends and God actually is the most angry with them in the end. God does not answer Job with clarification as to god's righteousness that Job missed, or the explanation of actually why one person suffered over another, etc. God answered Job nonetheless. I cannot summarize God's answer, because I think one of the messages of the book is that the answer cannot be put into words really (thus the story, which itself leaves all of us who really read it with huge gaps and questions and discomforts as noted)

The more I see of life and of people, the more I appreciate the gaps and questions and discomforts, as they are real. They are all of us. Would we expect less of God? A made-up God would have no holes, He would fit very comfortably into whatever box we made for Him (or her, or it, depending again on our comfort, our view, our knowledge, our experience, or what we had for breakfast).

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